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About us

A warm welcome to all of you to Iraivanam Centre.

I am Yuvaraj from Chennai, also the founder of the Iraivanam. Since 2017, @ Iraivanam, we have been working on natural healing and medicine methods for all human beings around the world.

Ever since 2000, we have been able to help many who were trapped in the darkness of ignorance, to realise and get guided in to God Realization, Meditation, physical and Mental Health.

We provide Foot Reflexology, Oil massage, Spine alignment, Meditation and alternative therapies at our Iraivanam Centre, by qualified, trained and experienced professionals with the right credentials.

Iraivanam centre, all therapies are based on traditional Gurukula medical methods derived from age-old wisdom and practices, by competent and empathetic professionals....The motto of Iraivanam Centre is to enchance individual's well being in a well-equipped and a functional center, in a holistic approach.

No matter where you are in the world, whatever physical ailments you may be afflicted /associated with any kind of pain or suffering, We are happy to help you recover from all of it,and gain a state of complete happiness, once you reach out to us.

We not only provide care and therapy at the physical level but also for the mind and soul.

Realizing the nature of this human birth, realizing one's physical health in this human life, working out the dietary as well as lifestyle needs, by changing the course of an individual's life by aligning it with the right path, for which We are acting as an effective tool to achieve it.

Iraivanam also provides guidance to move from this human birth to the next birthless state as per the guidance of the Maharishis Naynaguru Venu Gopala swamigal and Charguru Eswarapattar. Realizing that all human beings belong to the same organism. we have also been able to bring the understanding of medicine and health, to benefit people for many years through social websites, direct consultation, and by way of customised training courses as well.

We are sincerely working to cure people who come to our Iraivanam centre with diseases fully recovered, by explaining clearly about the diseases occurring in their bodies and by making them be aware and understand in a simple way, by which removing the fear in their minds.

Iraivanam Centre is your center. Access your core and heal your body, mind and soul. Let us all go to the Saptarishi Mandalam where we can realize the nature of this human birth and run in the gravitational circle of the Pole Star to the state of birthlessness. 'Let us all attain enlightenment'

How Reflexology could help you...

Are you stressed or anxious?

Finding it difficult to find time for yourself, when you can relax, de-stress, forget work and family obligations and all the other things that pull on your energy and health. Stress has been shown to be a big factor in as much as 75% of all illnesses diagnosed today.

Are you in Pain?

Do you have migraines, chronic back pain, joint pain or suffer from sciatica? Chronic pain is very common and it is debilitating, affecting every aspect of your life. A recent article in 'The Telegraph" reports that Reflexology is "as effective as painkillers."

Have you got aching legs and feet?

Are you on your feet all day at work or at home? Rushing around? Thai Foot Massage is stimulating AND soothing. It boosts your circulation and is particularly effective in bringing your feet and legs back to life.

Stiff or sore joints?

Sore knees, stiff neck or shoulders are a common problem, often related to our lifestyles - hours of sitting at a desk, working in front of a computer or driving long distances.


Sleep is as important to your health as a healthy diet and regular exercise. Insomnia can affect us both mentally and physically. It could contribute to lower performance at work; poor memory; mental health disorders such as depression or anxiety; increased risk of high blood pressure or heart disease.

Hormone imbalances, pms, endometriosis or menopausal?

Hormone imbalances cause fatigue, weight gain, anxiety, irritability, digestion and sleeping problems and more. It can also contribute to the stress we feel.

How about digestive problems?

Heartburn, indigestion, constipation, diarrhoea, Crohns, colitis, IBS or food intolerances? All these make us feel below par and can affect our mental wellness too.

If so, then please get in touch...

I would love to show you how Reflexology can help your body find its balance again, relieve stress and pain much more.

Reflexology uses finger pressure on the feet or hands to assess reflexes, create balance and encourage deep relaxation. It is holistic, so it treats the body and mind as a whole, but at the same time, treatments can be tailored to your specific needs.

If you're just needing a relaxing massage, that's great too.

Please do contact me to book an appointment or to ask any questions you might have.

Knee pain

Knee pain   -   Knee swelling   -   knee stiffness   -   Arthritis   -   Knee osteoarthritis

Leg pain

Leg Pain   -   Leg Stiffness   -   Leg Numbness   -   Leg Shivering   -   Sciatica Pain   -   Leg Cramps

Calf Massage

Muscle pain   -   Muscle Cramps   -   Muscle Strain   -   Radiating Pain

Heel Pain

Heel Pain   -   Heel Stiffness   -   Ankle Sprain   -   Foot Pain

Hip Pain

Hip Pain   -   Hip Dislocation   -   Hip Pinning   -   Hip Socket Pain

Back pain

Back pain   -   Low back pain   -   L4 & L5 problem   -   Bulging disk in back   -   Lower muscle pain

Neck pain

Acute neck pain   -   Chronic neck pain   -   Cervical problems   -   Cervical disc bulge   -   Cervical spondylosis   -   Cervical instability

Shoulder Pain

Frozen Shoulder   -   Shoulder Pain   -   Hand Pain   -   Hand Numbness   -   Hand Shivering

Diabetic Neuropathy

Foot Numbness   -   Burning Feet   -   Foot Weakness   -   Dysesthesia   -   Sharp Pain


Vestibular Dysfunction   -   Peripheral Vertigo   -   Central Vertigo   -   Psychogenic Vertigo   -   Circulatory Problems   -   Neurological conditions   -   Postural Hypotension


Chronic Migraine   -   Abdominal Migraine   -   Retinal Migraine   -   Silent Migraine


Menstrual Headache   -   Stress Headache   -   Sinus Headache   -   Tension Headache   -   Rebound Headache

Head Massage

Balance Hormone massage   -   Blood circulation massage   -   Hair growth massage   -   Relaxation massage   -   Stress massage

Benefits of Abdominal massage

Aid in weight loss   -   Relieves Constipation   -   Improves digestion function   -   Reduce Bloating   -   Relieve stress   -   Alleviate menstrual pain & Cramps   -   Improve Posture   -   Improves Immune function


Stimulate points, full of energy

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